About The Tulip Gallery

Over the years we have accumulated a large collection of tulip photos and thought it would be of interest to post a gallery of as many photos as possible, the aim being to show what was available in years past and how the tulip has developed in recent times.

The pictures have been taken in many gardens, including our own. We especially wish to thank the Bulb Museum in Limmen, Holland; the trade garden in Julianadorp, North Holland run by Arno Kroon; and of course the Keukenhof in Lisse for planting large numbers of cultivars each year enabling us to build this gallery. We plan to expand the gallery each year as more cultivars become available.

Many of the cultivars shown are sadly no longer grown commercially but may be available in very small numbers from historical collections. If anyone would like to obtain them we will try to source them. Many of the varieties shown are available from garden centres, mail order companies, and the like. Some may only be available provided a minimum quantity is ordered. Should anyone be interested in any of the cultivars shown, please e-mail us and we will send you information on availability and price.

Tulip cultivars were divided into 15 groups by the KAVB Royal General Bulbgrowers Association in their 1996 Classified List and International Register of Tulip Names. This list is now overdue for revision because of the many cultivars and numerous unusual types of tulips introduced since 1996. A list of the 15 groups is shown on the left. Click on 'All Groups' to see a representative of each group, or click on a group name to see members of the group and related information.

Eventually we hope to have more complete information on each tulip including the group, year of introduction, the height, colour and the raiser.

If you have questions or wish to purchase any of the tulips, please contact us!

Jacques Amand